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Drosophila Dietary Composition Calculator

The Drosophila Dietary Composition Calculator (DDCC) is a community resource developed by the Broderick Lab to help researchers determine the macronutrient content of their fly diets. In addition to providing this tool, we are maintaining a database of fly diets to be freely accessible by the community for the purpose of comparing diets used across studies. At the present time, our database contains only studies in the field of fly microbiome research but as researchers in other fields submit their diets through the DDCC, we hope to also maintain a master database for all research areas. The working version of the Fly Microbiome Diet Database can be found at: We aim to update the database regularly as new information is submitted.

For any questions or issues with the DDCC, please email

If you are using one of these special diets, please select it. Otherwise, fill in your dietary information in the form below.

Enter numeric values only. (e.g., 10, 10.3, etc.)
Per L of water:

Yeast Types
g Inactive dry yeast
g Active dry yeast
g Brewers yeast
g Lesaffre yeast
g Springaline yeast
g Yeast extract

g Cornmeal (Yellow)
g Cornmeal (Farigel)
Sugars and Syrups
g Dextrose
g Glucose
g Sucrose
ml Juice
g Molasses
g Corn syrup
g Sugar beet syrup
g Barley malt syrup
g Agar

g Malt extract
g Soy flour
g Starch

Preservatives- final % in food:
% Methyl paraben
% Propionic acid
% Phosphoric acid

Nutritional Values

g/liter of diet:
g/100 mL (i.e. percent) of diet:

Sources for nutritional information for each diet component can be found at: Lesperance, D. and Broderick, N. (2020). Nutritional Information for DDCC and Fly Microbiome Diet Database (figshare).

Contribute Your Data

If you would like to submit your nutritional data to the Fly Microbiome Diet Database, please fill in the contact and citation information below and check the “Microbiome study” box. The Database can be found at:

  • Your email address
  • Link to publication
  • Last author(s) (Last name, First name & Last name, First name)
  • First author(s) (Last name, First name & Last name, First name)
  • Journal Name
  • Year published
  • Relevant notes or communications to database administrators
    i.e. Additional diet components not listed, premixed formulation (such as Nutri-Fly).
  • If the study you are reporting falls outside of the microbiome field, check “Other field” and list 2-3 relevant keywords and your data will be compiled in the master database that will be created soon on figshare.


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